We're in the digital disruption business. We're honest with ourselves and others when it comes to digital disruption. We make things simple and digestable because we know you need to be profitable. 

Digital disruption is here to stay. Keeping up can seem like a full-time job. Whether you need just-in-time training or a knowledge management plan our six sigma data-driven approach is designed to get you up to speed. We develop information and learning systems to keep you lean and up to speed on the back-end so you can take care of business on the front-end.


  • Technical Training  & E-learning

  • Ad Hoc Services & Innovation


New Media and Entertainment AdHoc Services provides just-in-time (JIT) services such as web design and development, content management, talent booking and future emerging services.   



Nerissa Kelly, MATD, Founder 

Lisa Jones, Instructor

Ahmed Tekry, Engineer 

Gloria Fields, Software Engineer