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New Sigma Media group (NΣM) was made new in January of 2018. We’re a human centered media and professional services company in the most automated job market in history. We deliver thought provoking content and predict evolving tech backed by data to help workers and organizations plan accordingly. We also act as organizational consultants for process management, change management and training.

Our mission is to be the leading unique storytelling medium and organizational development change partner in getting clients lean and up to speed. Our vision is to be the new school of thought in media and workplace solutions parallel to rapid change in how we work . As originally conceived in February 2010 as a L3c, a legal hybrid between for-profit and non-for-profit, our socially conscious values remain intact in everything we do. 

The Future of Work

Today every company is a tech company regardless of industry. And technology is getting better and better. Rapid advancements in automation and AI is changing the way we work and the future of work will look much different than it does today. We can anticipate an end to repetitive tasks and jobs, where new jobs and sectors will be created as well as an increase in freelance and entrepreneurship. As some of will go where the market goes others will use their creativity to create new unique industries and sectors. The workforce is now shifting into a lifelong learning force where change is permanent. That’s why we’re the right partner for staying ahead of what’s ahead.

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Media, Entertainment and Arts delivers thought provoking content for TV and New Media.

Stay lean and up to speed
— Nerissa Kelly, Founder & CEO