New Sigma Media Group is a socially conscious professional organization.

Mission, Vision and Values

NSM is a parent company of subsidiaries. Our mission is to create, publish and license content on business platforms for shared wealth and well-being. Our vision is one allowing interdependent innovation where creations and partnerships are multi-purposeful whether it's creative, technical problem solving, training or content creation. As we originally started out in February 2010 as an L3c, a legal hybrid between for-profit and non-for-profit,  our socially conscious values remain intact in everything we do. 


Digital disruption is here to stay and keeping up can seem like a full-time job. We partner to re-work processes, create, publish works. license content and business process to keep up with the changing landscape in the following industries: 

  • Information Technology

  • Organization Development

  • Media and Entertainment


New Sigma Media BMI Music and Entertainment Ad Hoc Music Publishing, New Media, TV and Film Content.

Engage us to stay lean and up to speed.

Nerissa Kelly, MATD, Founder & Chief Content Creator