Intro to Artificial Intelligence

College of Southern Nevada Spring 20’ TBD


As everything becomes more digitized, digital skills are critical for everyday life and the future of work. This course introduces the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and its changing landscape. Learn the foundations necessary for understanding what’s learning you. Take this course to get up to speed fast and apply AI skills in the workplace.  Certificate will be provided upon successful completion. (Live)


DIY Web Design

March 20, 2016         Sun: 2p, 3p


No budget to hire a web designer? No worries, if you're computer literate you can build your own website quickly and economically. No coding needed. (e-learning)


Internet of Things

March 27, 2016       Sun: 2p, 3p


Tailored to meet the needs of attendees with a focus on how to make your everyday work life more efficient  by using what's in the toolbox of the "internet of things".  (e-learning)


Ad Hoc 

April 24, 2016         Sun: 2p, 3p


How to learn and re-learn anything quickly and efficiently. This course covers overlooked simple techniques to speed the cognitive process. (e-learning)