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Embrace the present and prepare for the future. Learn about the cutting edge game-changing blockchain technology. This course is for beginners interested in understanding its foundation and practical application.       (live webinar)


DIY Web Design

March 20, 2016         Sun: 2p, 3p


No budget to hire a web designer? No worries, if you're computer literate you can build your own website quickly and economically. No coding needed. (e-learning)


Internet of Things

March 27, 2016       Sun: 2p, 3p


Tailored to meet the needs of attendees with a focus on how to make your everyday work life more efficient  by using what's in the toolbox of the "internet of things".  (e-learning)


Ad Hoc 

April 24, 2016         Sun: 2p, 3p


How to learn and re-learn anything quickly and efficiently. This course covers overlooked simple techniques to speed the cognitive process.