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Remembering the Crash Dummy Project

Crash Dummy 2011- Artist "Narisah" brings attention to Manichaean messenger "Narisah" of 3rd century Persia. Socially conscious, artesque divination with historical context resurrects near extinct religion and culture.

Eight years have passed since the release of “Crash Dummy” when the Manichaean religion and its messenger was nearly unheard of. There were few findings via the internet for this old religion and important figure in history. The release of “Crash Dummy” helped spread awareness and garner attention. Today, the Manichaean pantheon and its “third messenger” can not only be found via an internet search but scholars, researchers and film makers have signed on to perpetuate its historical reference. Its culture, religion and important figures including “Narisah” is now revived and circulation of information continues to keep this important time in history alive.

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